Doo-Wop, 半世纪后的重生

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 Doo-Wop的原型起源于1950年,由Louis Poulsen和海军建筑部门合作创作而成。在很长时间内,丹麦皇家海军的各个部门,例如餐厅和办公室都可以看到这款灯具。由于出色的光照效果和性能,这款灯成为了极其受欢迎的灯具。


直到1980年,它从Louis Poulsen的产品册中删去。近年来,越来越多老款的产品通过独立店铺或者是拍卖重新出现,于是催生了对优秀的旧产品的再生产。新的版本很接近原版。在颜色的选择上更贴近现代时尚装饰,生产工艺还是延续之前的方法。手工打造的轮廓让光线的散步更为均匀和明亮,黄铜款式是对手工艺的一种挑战,采用固体黄铜片和高光泽面漆相搭配。



Originally launched in the 1950s. Designed by Louis Poulsen in close collaboration with the Navy Buildings Department. It was used for many years in a wide variety of Royal Danish Navy premises, including canteens and offices.

The Navy Pendant, as it became known, was very popular owing to its unique lighting properties and utility. It was not until the early 1980s that it disappeared from Louis Poulsen's catalogues.

In recent years, more and more of the older models have come onto the market via antique shops and auctions which has generated demand and calls to resume production. 

The new version is very faithful to the earlier one. While the colours have been updated to go with contemporary décor, the production methods have remained the same. The shades are turned by hand before being bent up slightly at the edge to give them their special optical volume. The brass version is a challenge of craftsmanship, as it is made from a solid sheet of brass and has a high-gloss finish. 

Doo-Wop is an unpretentious, simple pendant for a wide variety of applications thanks to its medium size and light emission. It is harmonious in design and perfect for hanging on its own, in rows or in clusters. 

Doo-Wop will brighten up the lounge, dining room, kitchen, home office, nursery, hall, staircase or bedroom – it brings a breath of fresh air and good lighting to any room in the house.  
In principle Doo-Wop has two reflectors, the inner cone-shaped one, which provides anti-dazzle downlighting, and the outer one, which provides soft up/downlighting. The outer shade in particular helps to create stylish, atmospheric illumination around the pendant. Doo-Wop is available in red/orange, pale blue, green, white, black/grey and an exclusive brass version. 

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